Lake House Decor Dos and Don'ts

Dated: April 28 2022

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A lake house retreat means long weekends filled with sun-soaked days and leisurely summer nights. Spending the weekend at a lake retreat can help you relax, recharge and create lasting memories. A thoughtfully designed home will help you feel instantly relaxed upon entering. One of the best ways to achieve this is through colors, textures and a focus on refined comfort. These lake house décor dos and don’ts will help you decorate the home of your lakeside dreams.

Do: Bring the Outside In 
Natural colors, such as watery blues and whites, are a perfect base palette for a lake house. White creates a crisp, airy space, while blue picks up the hues from the water. Anchoring this classic color combination with muted colors like greens or grays will help avoid an overly nautical theme.

Do: Ground the Space
Natural fibers can help ground the space. Organic textures, such as a sisal or jute rug, rattan end tables or seagrass baskets, can help prevent the area from feeling too washed out.

Do: Bring In the Light 
Lake houses are synonymous with sunshine and outdoors. To let in as much light as possible, skip the heavy drapery and select minimal window treatments instead. If home improvement projects are in your plans, consider adding skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors to maximize the amount of sunlight inside. Hanging additional mirrors is a décor trick that helps the light reflect throughout the room.

Do: Include Woodwork Details
Millwork is one of the best ways to customize a home. Incorporating shiplap in unexpected places, such as a ceiling, can add extra depth to your lakeside space.

Don’t: Fill the House With Kitschy Lake House Décor 
Avoid anchors, oars, shells in jars, word art or anything else overly nautical. Instead, fill the home with meaningful pieces, such as family photos, aerial photos of the lake, a vintage map of the area or any other sentimental items, whether they are from your travels, family history or lakeside memories. 

Don’t: Forget About the Outdoor Space 
One of the most common reasons to invest in a lake house is to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Make the outside space feel extra special and serve as an extension of your home’s indoor living space. An outdoor kitchen, a fire source to gather around and plenty of comfortable seating and dining options all lend to an inviting outdoor area.

Don’t: Sacrifice Comfort 
Comfort can be the ultimate luxury. A lake house is meant to be a reprieve from the stresses of daily life, so create an inviting haven where you and your guests aren’t afraid to make a mess or put up their feet. Fabrics should be easy to clean, such as cotton, linen or performance fabric. Keep plenty of extra beach towels, blankets and pillows in easy to find spots so guests feel more at home.

Bottom Line
If you want to relax and recharge in a beautiful lake house, let's connect to discuss your options. We have lots of choices, including alluring Lake Wylie and Lake Norman. I'm at 803.610.1319 and
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Lake House Decor Dos and Don'ts

A lake house retreat means long weekends filled with sun-soaked days and leisurely summer nights. Spending the weekend at a lake retreat can help you relax, recharge and create lasting memories. A

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