Current Luxury Home Trends

Dated: October 11 2021

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Current Luxury Home Trends

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we live in our homes. While beautiful finishes are still an essential part of a luxury home, functionality has topped the list of must-have features. Between remote working, remote learning, cooking at home and entertainment outdoors, many lifestyle shifts have shifted what luxury means. Below are several luxury home trends—which of these are most important to you?

Multiple Home Office Spaces
Having one home office no longer is sufficient. For two partners who work remotely, having two distinct spaces is imperative. With Zoom calls, full workdays and other family members at home, working at the kitchen island is no longer possible. As a result, a house with two separate home office spaces tops many luxury buyers’ must-have lists.

Zoom Backgrounds
If you spend your day on Zoom meetings, what does your background say about you? For many people, designing a Zoom background has become an essential part of their professional brand. This may mean wallpapering a wall in your home office, having the correct lighting in place and styling bookcases and shelves that have the items you want to represent your best self.

Remote Learning Rooms
A room dedicated to helping your children succeed in school is also a top luxury home trend. Having appropriately sized desks and chairs will set them up for success. Depending on your children’s learning styles, a room drenched in either vibrant hues or calming colors will help them prepare for a busy day ahead.

Workout Rooms
Going to the gym isn’t always an option anymore, so at-home workout spaces are essential. Of course, no home gym is complete without your preferred cardio and strength equipment, but a steam room and a sauna make a luxury home gym complete.

Highly Functional Kitchen
As dining at home is more prevalent, there is an increased focus on having an ultra-functional kitchen. The most luxurious kitchen is a functional kitchen. This may mean installing two dishwashers to accommodate the extra dishes, having smart appliances to lend an extra hand in the kitchen, a beverage station to keep up with at-home afternoon coffee and happy hours or giving more attention to your drawer and cabinet organization system

Private Outdoor Space
Additional acreage has always been a commodity in luxury homes, but having ample land to create a private outdoor oasis with indoor amenities is a luxury home trend that isn’t going anywhere. An outdoor kitchen can be equipped with all the functionality of an indoor kitchen, such as a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, stovetop and more. Creating an adjacent living area with outdoor television, sofa, rug and tables will make you feel like you’re indoors. Whether you’re hosting and would prefer to keep the gathering outdoors, or you’re having a quiet night at home, having a private, outdoor living space lets you enjoy the fresh air with indoor amenities.

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