Luxury Homebuyers Like High Tech Plus Old World Charm

Dated: May 24 2021

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It can be difficult to escape technology in our fast-paced, modern lives. Perhaps that’s why so many luxury homeowners and homebuyers appreciate a residence that turns back the clock with a distinctly Old World feel. If you want a home that exudes the inimitable craftsmanship of yesteryear, here are several tips to help capture the ambience. 

Utilize Natural Materials
An abundance of natural materials, such as wood and stone, can certainly contribute to this aesthetic. For example, a living room that boasts a grand stone fireplace and wood-beamed ceilings will instantly recall the splendor of a bygone era as soon as one enters the room. These details can continue throughout, with stone floors, wood-paneled walls and much more.

Work With Artisans
Of course, to truly recreate an Old World feel, you’ll want to work with highly skilled artisans who are trained in techniques of the past. Whether it’s a hand-carved limestone mantle or intricate moldings and millwork, these small details lend an artistic touch that’s rarely seen today and require working with a true specialist.

Bring in Reclaimed Items
From antique light fixtures to reclaimed wooden floors, there are endless opportunities to introduce salvaged items that epitomize Old World craftsmanship. Furthering the aesthetic, these details will often have a patina that can only be acquired through years of usage and can give your home a sense of character. Additionally, it can be more sustainable to reclaim materials and give them a second life in your home, rather than buying new ones.

Keep Tech Discreet
It’s simply impossible to live without technology today and, though it might seem in conflict with Old World appeal, there are ways to incorporate it without compromising the aesthetic. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, for instance, can offer the best of both worlds, as they combine a timeless look with cutting-edge functionality. Having your home configured with smart technology that’s wireless and can be controlled over your phone is another way to help keep technology out of sight. 

Bottom Line
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